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Docteur Clown India

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whAt iS A clOwN?

The clown is like a carnival mirror, reflecting a magical and novel picture back to the society in which she has just fallen. She does not belong, and yet she makes herself at home here! No wonder she brings laughter, pleasure and astonishment to everyone she meets.

tHe cLowN is A dOcTor ..

At hospital, the clown works like a release valve to let out the pressures of such an environment. Her presence is thus essential - even if she cannot erase the pain or cure the infection, she plays the part of a happy distraction, a catalyst to enable a child to cope with the experience of hospitalisation. A clown doctor, just like the real doctor, does her rounds, with injections of laughter, pills of love, and healthy doses of red noses.

thE cLowN is aN aFFirmaTiOn ..

The clown is almost the only person with whom a child can affirm himself. By taking the child's attention away from his vulnerability, fears and pain, she gives him back his power - for while the child must follow all orders and advice from doctors, nurses and parents, with the clown, he can decide, choose, or even say no - and the clown will
respect his choices.

the CLowN iS a miRRoR ..

If the clown is a doctor, and the child a patient, then when the clown becomes a mirror, the child can become doctor and the clown, the patient. The child finally changes place and can project his hopes of cure on the clown

tHe clOwn iS An oPen wiNdow To liFe ..

A child and his family are cut off from their social environment when they enter hospital. The clown surfs in bringing with her little vignettes of the joys of everyday life, she can carry Christmas, Diwali, or Eid in her pocket, she can turn a ward into a schoolroom or a dancefloor! She is a breath of fresh air, an oxygen cylinder wearing funny shoes.

thE cLOwn is A kEy thAt unLocKs a wOrLd oF iMagiNaTioN ..

The clown has an irrepressible curiosity - she constantly rediscovers and re-invents her environment. An empty bed can become a train that takes a magical journey, a saline drip can be looked at enviously for the 7-Up she's sure it contains, a stethoscope can be used to check laughter volume - the clown endlessly conjures up imaginations big and small to stimulate a child's creativity.

thE cLown Is a TranQuiLiseR ..

Even though the clown does not perform any actual medical procedures, she can be a useful additive to health care. Hospital staff often find the presence of a clown can make their job easier - a clown can capture a child's attention while a dressing is changed or an injection given. A fearful child heading for surgery can be soothed and distracted by the smiling red-nosed friend waving or performing magic as he makes his way to the theatre.

Clowns at work!


Miss Rose at the Cancer Institute



Gladys at St. Philomena's Hospital
and Biclown at Ramaiah Teaching Hospital

Docteur Clown India is an offshoot of the NGO Docteur Clown, based in Lyons, France, and is in India as a cultural activity of the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.

Our clown-doctors do the rounds at various hospitals around the city, to provide free therapeutic clowning to sick children in the paediatric wards.

We also hold workshops to train more volunteers to become clowns with us. And from time to time, we put on a show for the members and friends of the Alliance Francaise.

Red-Nosed Doses of Happiness !

Docteur Clown C/o Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
P.B No. 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore - 560052

Red-nosed doses of happiness!