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Docteur Clown India


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Let yOur
inneR clOwn OuT!

Docteur Clown is looking for experienced musicians,actors, dancers, and performers to come and be a part of the organisation's new Indian division. Our aim is to use singing, dancing, and humor, to soothe and help ailing children recover. We are hoping to build a strong team of about ten, so that we can cover more hospitals on a regular basis.

It is important that potential clowns have some kind of performing experience,though not necessarily any experience working in a hospital because you will go through rigorous training; the training is very important because it is not like any other public performance. It is bringing a version of entertainment to a hospital setting, which requires a lot of attention to emotional and hygienic needs. We do not put on "shows" at hospital, instead, we go from bed to bed and spend quality time with each individual child.

If you are keen to join us, please get in touch right away!


whAt is a clOwn docTor?

A clown doctor is a specially trained artist who provides therapeutic humour to patients in healthcare facilities. Clown doctors are more than entertainers - we are a part of the therapeutic process.

Red-nosed doses of happiness!