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Docteur Clown India

Meet the Clowns

Keep your eyes open for these Red Noses! You may bump into us any day, somewhere around Bangalore!

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Pronounced "bih-cloon", this little lady in red is full of energy - and music! In fact she only talks in the language of music, and her flute sends happy little messages to the kids that need no translation!



Gladys loves passing out good squeaky doses of laughter injections, and checking her patients with her steth-ha-ha-scope. She's bound to pull something interesting out of her little black doctor's bag - whether it's puppets, juggling balls or everyone's favourite - bubbles!


Doctor Mamu

Doctor Mamu is our resident laughter specialist! Once his tummy starts jiggling you can be sure of getting a good dose of the giggles. Doctor Mamu's very into health and fitness too, he's a clown yogi who teaches his patients how to breathe right. And as you can see, he's into healthy eating too, he loves his fruit!

Miss Rose

Miss Rose loves pink! It's her favourite colour. And she likes nothing better than visiting kids in hospital, playing games with them, performing magic and conjuring up a world of fun and imagination for her new friends.

Dr. Love

Dr. Crazy

Red-nosed doses of happiness!